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1950-57 XK-120 AND XK-140 ROADSTER, 1950-57 XK-120 AND XK-140 ROADSTER CONVERITBLE, 1961-71 XK-150 COVERBITBLE, 1961-74 XKE, 1986-88 JAGAUR -XJS ( CAR CRAFT / H AND E CNVERSION, 1986-96 JAGAUR XJS AND XJ12, 1997-06 JAGAUR XK8 XKR, 2007-14 JAGUAR XK XKR, 2015-16 JAGAUR XK XKR, 2007-15 XK XKR, 2014-20 F-TYPE ROADSTER, E-Type MK1 V12, E-Type MK2 V12, E-Type MK3 V12


Mohair Black, Mohair Blue, Mohair Green, Mohair Tan, Mohair Burgundy, Mohair Brown, Mohair Grey


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