Cleaning your soft top

Do you always rely on cleaning experts for your convertible’s soft top hood cleaning? Well, it is time to learn a few tips and tricks on how to do DIY cleaning. This article offers you all the necessary insights.

A DIY car roof cleaning is beneficial because:

  • You can save on costs. As you learn how to clean a convertible soft top, you will save on a few bucks you would have otherwise spent paying professional cleaning experts.
  • Convenience. It is not every day that you have time to find a car hood cleaner. You may want to handle the task from your home and hence save on time.
  • You can take care of your vehicle. It is undeniable that convertible and other cars cost a lot of money and hence, maintaining it in perfect condition is vital. One of the ways to achieve this is to learn how to clean the roof of the car. It helps eliminate the chances of mould and mildew from growing on the roof.

Soft Top Hood Materials

Even before getting into details on cleaning a convertible’s roof, it is wise to get information on materials used to make soft top hood. This will help you to determine the right procedures and materials for cleaning. Modern roadsters and convertibles are made of vinyl, polyester, and polyacrylic materials. The manufacturers opt for them because they are durable.
They can also opt for canvas because the material looks and feels good. Whereas it is tightly woven, it has breathable characteristics. It is water resistant rather than water proof, which means that water damages are likely to occur if inappropriate cleaning is done. The solution to this is to ensure that special treatment is done by the designers.
Many people get confused when trying to differentiate between fabric and vinyl roof top. The best thing is to do the following test:

  • Take one eighth of water and pour it on the top.
  • Rub the water into the material.
  • Check whether it soaks in.

If this is the case, there is a chance that the material used in fabric. Vinyl does not absorb water. Knowing how to clean a ragtop is important because the materials tend to deteriorate during harsh weather conditions. For instance, you may be tempted to spend more time outdoors during summer with your convertible. Harmful UV rays will harm the rooftop if proper care is not taken.

The Best Way to Clean a Convertible Top

When thinking of how to clean convertible top, several steps are necessary. They include:
-> Remove excess dirt and debris. Here, you are required to use a soft brush to remove the dirt. Pay keen attention to areas where mould has built up and to the seams.
-> Soak the roof with water. This will make it easier when applying the cleaning detergent and scrubbing the surface.
-> Apply the cleaning detergent or shampoo. The ideal product for this process is chosen based on a number of factors. First, it must not have chemicals and additives that can harm you or the soft roof top. Avoid products with substances such as bleach, ammonia, alcohol and vinegar. Second, it should be manufactured in such a way that it eliminates all grease, oils, dust and other substances that accumulate on the roof top. Note that you must wait for at least fifteen minutes after applying the cleaning detergent.
Use a cleaning sponge or soft brush to create foam and clean the roof top thoroughly. Find the best way on how to clean convertible top mildew for perfect results. The product must not get to the painted areas as you apply pressure to eliminate the dirt. The best way to scrub the surface is by using circular motions. The cleaner will get rid of all dirt in this way. It also helps eliminate chances of scratching the surface.

While selecting a scrubbing material, avoid lamb’s wool mitt or sponge covered with chenille because they leave lint on the surface. If your roof top is made of fabric, you are at liberty to vacuum it.

Rinse off with a lot of water

The water must run clear to avoid leaving whitish marks on the roof top. Whenever possible, use warm water as it has the capacity to get rid of grease and other marks.

Apply soft roof protector

This is one of the best ways on how to treat a convertible top. You will be protecting the roof from the harsh UV rays, tree sap, acid rain, and bird droppings among other things.For good results, it should be done while the material is dry. You must shake the substance thoroughly. It is also safer to avoid applying the protector directly on the surface. Instead, apply it on a sponge before applying it on the roof. After waiting for three to five minutes for the product to soak in, you should dry the surface using terry cloth or a microfiber towel.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Convertible Roof Top

You must avoid:

1. Overdoing the cleaning

Experts on how to clean a rag top will tell you that cleaning should be done once in a month. The roof top material will serve you for longer in this way. Even so, you should make a consideration to the number of times that you are using the vehicle. Take longer to clean if it stays in the garage for the better part of the year or month.

2. Cleaning the roof top in direct sunlight

The UV rays, in combination with water, will lead to premature wear and tear of the material. The best place to clean the roof top is on a shade. You can even opt to wait until morning or evening for cleaning.

3. Scrubbing the rag top to remove stains

You may be tempted to scrub using tough brushes to remove stubborn stains. Your roof top will become unappealing and worn out in the process. Avoid scrubbing and instead, try to leave the cleaning detergent longer. Use soft brushes and spend more time scrubbing using circular motions.







4. Using glass cleaning products when the roof has a plastic rear window

It will cause damage to your vehicle. Invest in the right car hood cleaner plastic materials. You can also go for homemade convertible top cleaner if you have the skills on how to make it and use it accordingly.

5. Going for products that have not passed standard tests

As you are working on car moss removal and cleaning, there are chances that you will find cheap products in the market. The allure of paying less for more will eventually ruin your expensive roof. Find out if the cleaners have been tried and tested by other consumers and experts before making the purchase.

6. Applying the protectant on a windy day

The breeze can cause an overspray of the product. It also stirs up dirt and dust, making the cleaning process difficult.
After learning how to clean the roof of the car and applying the skills, the next step is to keep it in good condition. It involves the following:
-> Rinse it often. A regular rinsing of the car roof top will ensure that dust, mould and mildew do not accumulate on the surface.
-> Apply the protective agent often.
-> Remove the stain immediately after noticing it. You will avoid the process of scrubbing or using harsh chemicals after it stays on the material over time.
-> Storing your vehicle in the right place. Ensure that mould and mildew in your garage is eliminated so that it does accumulate on the roof top. Also, you may want to design shades in your home to ensure that bird droppings and sunlight do not harm your roof.
-> Consulting the professionals. If for some reason you are unable to remove the dirt and stains on your convertible’s roof top, talk to the experts. They have the experience and skills to guide you in the cleaning process. They will also tell you when it is inevitable to replace the roof top.

Where to Find Help

While searching for a company to asset you with information on how to clean a convertible soft top, look for the following qualities:

  • Skills and experience. The cleaning professionals must have special and updated skills on how to clean car roof thoroughly. They must also have tons of experience in the field.
  • Reputation. Good cleaning experts are known for their ability to provide quality service. Go through their websites and find out if they have obtained positive feedback from their clients.
  • Reasonable fee. Experts on how to clean soft top have different packages to suit all budgets.

You will find quality car roof cleaning services at a reasonable fee at All Hoods Limited. The experts are reputable for hood fitting and replacement in Essex and beyond. The products are made using the finest materials in the car hood world. They also offer samples just in case you are unsure of the right material and design for your convertible.

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