Owning a car is a great achievement, and it is definitely a possession that you will treasure. It is wise to be choosy on the car model that you want, as it will reflect who you are. With this in mind, it is a dream come true to own something that looks great and keep it in the tip-top condition. And if you want to style or improve the look of your car, you can opt for one of the best car hood ornaments.

There are many ways of styling vehicles that car owners have been embracing over the years. With the advent of new technologies in the automobile industry, more advanced vehicle styling ideas are gracing the sector on a daily basis.

Car ornamentation has been a great idea to embellish the appearance of vehicles in the automotive world. And there are famous hood ornaments that vehicle buffs should be well-versed with.


During the start of automobiles, hood ornaments were the in-thing, and were mostly used to cover up the hideous look of a radiator cap. However, with time and as day’s progress, car ornaments have become the trend and are chiefly treasured worldwide. You can imagine the feeling of owning a car with an angel car emblem. It’s graceful and guarantees a sense of freedom.

There many iconic hood ornaments that have adorned the automotive industry, and they are a common trend these days. Before you can go on and look at the extensive car hood ornaments list, there are a number of reasons why getting a hood ornament is a great idea.

  • Enhances vehicle appearance

The appearance of your treasured car speaks volumes about you and your taste. When you get the right hood ornament for your vehicle, it helps to create a very eye-catching look that you will without a doubt fall in love with.

Most of the hood ornaments are installed above the grille, and will sit on the top of the car hood and protrude from it depending on how they are designed. You can opt for an angel hood ornament to improve the look of your vehicle, but there are also many other hood ornament designs that you can try out.

  • Increase the value of your vehicle

You may be planning to sell your car soon or simply want to give it the money value it deserves. There is a no better way to do so than fitting it with the best bird hood ornament, or any other hood ornament design you fancy.

You may think of adding some shiny wheels, do some inside jobs or wax on, wax off. Ornamenting your car with the best hoods or emblems is the most suitable and definitely a rewarding idea to opt for.

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Choosing the best Hood Ornament – What to Know

Choosing the best hood ornament may seem an easy task. But it is not the case, if you are doing it for the first time. You might be a vintage car enthusiast, and fancy every element you see on these cars, but find it challenging to ornament your new car.

To succeed in your endeavours, you need to narrow it down to;

  • The type of hood ornament

They type of hood ornament you choose should provide you with a distinctive styling element. So, go for a design that will give your car a style that you have been yearning for. For instance, you can opt for the winged woman hood ornament, and turn your car into a masterpiece.

  • The era the hood ornament was crafted

Hood ornaments started as toppers to the radiator covers, but they have over the years been configured into different designs to showcase features for vehicle manufacturer’s logos or emblems.

If you have visited a prestigious automotive competition, you will without a doubt find a vintage hood ornament that you like.  For instance, you can choose an old Pegasus hood ornament and have it installed into your car.

  • The colour

f you really need new cars with hood ornaments, you need to put into consideration the colour of the hood ornament. Go for a good hood ornament finish that will compliment your car and give you the one-of-a-kind appeal you have been looking for.

  • Shape and size

The shape and size of the hood ornament of choice should be in proportion with the body of your car. Do you want an angel-like winged hood ornament or a simple bird wings design? There are different designs in the market, so pick the best.

Styling your car is not an easy undertaking. You need to be straightforward and decide on which hood ornament satisfies your needs. Needless to say, consider whether you want a replica or original, old or new hood ornament.

Let every feature on the hood ornaments you come across meet your requirements. Here are 20 most iconic hood ornaments of all time that you can gather ornamentation ideas from;

 1. Spirit of Ecstasy, Rolls-Royce

rolls royce

Rolls Royce is one automaker that has impacted the automobile sector immensely. In fact, its hood ornaments speak for themselves. You may have come across a car with wings on hood, but wait until you see a Rolls Royce fitted with its signature Spirit of Ecstasy hood mascot.

Spirit of Ecstasy is the hood ornament that comes in the form of a woman slanting forwards with her arms all outstretched behind and above her. There is also flowing clothing that runs from her arms to her back.

This hood ornament is one of the paramount winged lady hood ornament that you can fit into your car. The standard design was silver plated, but you can also get gold-plated versions.

 2. Three-Pointed Star, Mercedes Benz


You may fancy the flying lady hood ornament, but the Three-Pointed Star emblem from Mercedes-Benz is iconic. Mercedes Benz cars have always been high on demand, since its emblem was trademarked by Daimler’s company.

The automaker has continued to use the Three-Pointed Stars hood ornament to date, and it’s a great design to choose. Modern Three-Pointed Star hood ornament options can be altered into varied designs. Today, you can even opt for illuminated Three-Pointed Star emblems

 3. Flying B Bentley

The iconic old Bentley hood ornament is a distinctive and flush design that you cannot avoid. The letter B stands on the hood of a Bentley pompously, and is also well designed with wings extending behind it.

Bentley flying b hood ornament is approved for the roads, and you will fancy each and every feature covered by this hood ornament. If you treasure a b with wings car, Bentley is one amazing model that you can opt for.

On your search for Bentley hood ornaments, don’t confuse car emblem with wings and 8, it’s simply the flying B Bentley with wings.

 4. Maybach, Double M


Maybach is a reputed automaker, and its Double M hood ornament has been a top-notch ornamentation design for many decades. It is a unique and appealing hood ornament model that you can compare with the winged hood ornaments for old cars and choose what fits your ornamentation needs.

 5. Jaguar Leaper

jaguarEvery Jaguar car model that you will come across adorns the Jaguar Leaper hood ornament. It is one of the famous and long-standing hood ornaments that you can also have fitted in your customized car.

There are car enthusiasts who will go for hood ornament woman, one with B wings and an angel hood design. The Jaguar Leaper design is distinctive and entails a jaguar leaping forward, a feature that gives your car a one-of-a-kind elegance.

 6. Bugatti, Dancing Elephant


Bugatti is a top-notch and sophisticated car model that has been applauded worldwide by car enthusiasts. You may have been tickled by the horse hood ornament, but the Bugatti dancing elephant hood ornament will inspire you.

The design is purely inspired by exotic animals that have been exhibited in many museums and art galleries in the world.

 7. Lincoln, Four-Pointed Stars

You may come across signature hood ornaments from Lincoln such as greyhound hood ornament and coat of arms hood mascot. However, the four-pointed stars mascot is the most recognizable from the automaker.

It’s a classic hood ornament model fitted in iconic car designs like Town Car, Continental and Mark Series. You can also choose this model for your car ornamentation purposes

 8. Flying Lady hood

flying lady hood

The features of the flying bird hood ornament will give your car the physical appearance you have been looking for many years. But if you are looking for a more precious, eye-catching and more distinctive design, try the flying lady hood. The hood ornament design guarantees sensuality in the automobile industry in the form of a mascot.

  9. Packard Donut Chaser

If you are looking for the coolest hood ornament ever made, make the Packard Donut chaser your number of choice.  The hood ornament design features the car hood emblems of a winged woman with stretched left leg and kneeling on her right knee.

If you are a fan of a car with winged hood ornament, this hood also features arms stretched forward holding “the donut” a wheel and tire. The wobbly clothes and long hair of the woman evoke a sense of speed of your car.

 10. Pontiac Chief of the Sixes


The hood ornament for the Pontiac Chieftain model was a distinctive design that featured an Indian chief’s head. The yellowish-brown orange was the most iconic design of the hood ornament that would effortlessly light up at night. Today, among the old car hood ornaments, only Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament can guarantee such glowing feature at night.

 11. Mack Bulldog

mack bulldog

The Mack Bulldog is a hood ornament design that graced the automobile sector many decades ago. However, its distinctive features still remain a great attraction among many car ornamentation supporters.

It features a gold-plated bulldog that will without a doubt look great in modern cars, if properly fitted into a car of choice.

 12. Buick, Goddess

buick goddess

The angel car logo was a common emblem that many automakers cherished. It has over the years been more than a car logo and similar designs have been introduced.

The Buick, Goddess mascot symbolized a dancer with a blowing scarf around her neck. It’s an emblematic hood ornament that designers cannot overlook.

 13. Ford Mustang Grille Horse Corral

mustang horse

If you want to bring more cheer and improve the look of your car, the Ford Mustang Grille Horse Corral hood ornament is a great pick. Take a look;

 14. Chevrolet Bowtie

It is an easy to recognize hood ornament, especially if you treasure the Chevrolet car models.

15. Duesenberg Model J


Many automakers focused on art deco design when making their cars models. The design style of the Duesenberg Model J hood ornaments available was also inspired by art and mounted on top of the radiator cap to change the exterior appearance of the car.

 16. Chevrolet Jet Bird

If you are still wondering what car has a bird hood ornament, then Chevrolet is an iconic model to mention. The Chevrolet automakers also present you with the most recognizable and classic car hood ornament bird in Chevrolet Jet Bird.

It comes with a striking feature of a jet bird that can change the look of your car when properly mounted on the hood of your car.

 17. Lincoln leaping Greyhound

Lincoln leaping

Don’t just dream of a car with bird hood ornament, you can also go for a leaping greyhound hood design that is quite attractive and distinctive. Once properly fitted into your car, this hood will also increase your car’s value, especially if you incorporate quality chrome plated finish.

 18. Jaguar Growler

If you are looking for a classic hood ornament to install into your car, the iconic Jaguar growler is a great design to choose.

 19. The Pegasus

If you are a mythical car owner, you can also decorate and style your car with Pegasus hood ornament. It is a great design and style that represents a winged divine stallion. Your Pegasus car logo or emblem will without a doubt be the talk of the town.

 20. Eagle hood design

If you want to own a car with eagle hood ornament, there is an iconic design in the market that you can opt for. The eagle hood ornament can also be transformed by add more appealing finishes that change the general appearance of your car for the better.

The Bottom Line

There are many iconic hood ornaments that you can choose in the market that change the look of your car. It does not matter whether you want a car with bird emblem or any other ornamentation. You simply need to put into consideration the colour of your car, the design, shape and size of the available hood ornaments.

At All Hoods, we will not only make it clear to you what car has a bird emblem, but also help you choose the best car hoods at disposal. Get in touch with our customer car desk today and learn more about convertible top replacement as well.

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